Love or Hate? - Part 4

Welcome to part 4 of "Love or Hate?" This ones a little bit longer than the last one. This intro paragraph is horrible because its 3:30am and I haven't slept yet so. Read 2nd intro thing

Ok so if you haven't read parts 1-3 you will be confused. Also this one is a litle longer than the last one. Please don't forget to comment and rate! "I liek dyl pickles better than Dylan" - GlowOfRandom & ThatWeirdChic 2015

Created by: ThatWeirdChic
  1. *NICKS POV* I knock lightly on Grace's door, "Come in Nick!" she calls softly. "How'd you know?" I ask before opening the door, "Dylan barges in." she explains. I chuckle and walk in, Grace is in her lace bra and underwear digging through drawers for something to wear. I wrap my arms around her and start to kiss her, she giggles and breaks away moving swiftly behind me. She backs me up to the wall, her eyes dancing with laughter. I pull her close and kiss her passionately, moving around the room. I trip on the dresser and end up laying on the bed. She stretches out beside me and I move her body onto mine. I feel the warmth of her belly on my abs and realize this is what falling in love is like. "Grace!" Dylan yells from downstairs. I groan and she reluctantly breaks away. "Just a minute!" she says. She jumps up and runs to the closet and quickly puts on some pants and a sweater. I roll over and groan into the pillow. She stops at the door and looks at me before she says, "I love you."
  2. *GRACE'S POV* "I love you." I tell Nick softly before heading downstairs. I truly am in love with Nick. We're like magnets when we're together. I smile to myself, at the bottom of the stairs I smooth my hair down and try to look as natural as possible. "Hey Dyl" I croak out. He looks at me suspiciously and puts down the yogurt he's eating."What's up?" he asks. "What why does something have to be up for me to call you Dyl?" He rolls his eyes, "Nick will be training you today. He has mind reading powers as well." Dylan informs me. The words sink in, All this time he might have been reading my mind!? "Ok well im gonna go finish getting ready!" I say and dash upstairs. When I walk in Nick's laying on the bed, hands folded behind his head and a smug smile at his lips. "You know you have prety interesting thoughts." he snickers. "Nick!" I whack him with a pillow. He looks at me and I melt. Ugh its hard to stay mad at him with a face like that. "Thanks" he says, I blink and he cracks a smile. I whack him with another pillow before getting up to change for training. Thoughts fill my head while I get dressed, Is my mother ok? Will I be okay? I could let everyone down, Let Nick down... Meanwhile Nick is quiet the whole time, I come out of the closet and he pulls me into his lap. "You could never let me down." he murmurs in my ear.
  3. Nick leads me outside where we run into Sam, "Hey Sam. Training Grace for mind reading. Thought down by the lake would be best." Nick tells Sam. "Good choice. Im heading inside in just a minute. Good luck!" We're quiet as we walk down the hill, at the bottom you can see the lake. Its beautiful with the morning fog. So peaceful. Nick smiles at my comments and stands across from me. "I want you to close your eyes. Put all your concentration towards reading my mind." he instructs, I close my eyes and just think about reading Nick's mind, "I love you too." his voice lingers in my head. I open my eyes and smile at Nick. He gives me a quick kiss, "Read Dylans mind." he says, I look at his face. It suddenly grew serious. I close my eyes, "Im in love with you Grace, I always have been. Yeah thats what i'll say to her." I open my eyes confused, How could he possibly be in love with me? "How could anyone not." Nick mutters under his breath. "Will you stop reading my mind!" I exclaim half heartedly. He gives me a teasing smile and I roll my eyes. Time to head back to the house.
  4. I walk inside the house. Dylan is sitting nervously on the couch and Nick leans against the wall quietly. I sit across from Dylan, "Dylan I know your in love with me but im telling you fall in love with me and you'll end up-" His lips crush into mine. I take a sharp breath and pull away but it's too late. Nick walks out slamming the door behind him. "You didn't feel anything." Dylan whispers, "Your in love with someone else I can see it in your eyes." I look at the floor and suddenly Dylan jumps up, anger flashing in his eyes and stomps up the stairs. I run outside to Nick, I see his fist is clenched and red. He doesn't oppose when I gently open up his hand. Laying in the center of his hand was a daisy, but this one was black with smoke. Part of the petals were in ashes. I see slight burn marks on his hand and I lean on his shoulder. "You know I love you." I whisper. After a moment he replies, "I know."
  5. ------*TIME FORWARD* Nick strides in the room, I turn around to see him and he grabs my face in his hands and kisses me passionately. He shuts my bedroom door and locks it. He starts to unbutton my shirt as he kisses me, I knew why he was starting this right now. I just need him to trust that I love him. Nick breaks away and looks at me studying my face closely. "You love me?" he questions, "I love you." I confirm. "Okay." he says quietly. He unlocks my door, and I stay snuggled up next to him all night long.
  6. I get up early and crawl out of the bed. Something was wrong. I don't feel...right. Its like all the emotions are bubbling up inside of me. Love, hatred, pain...I take a sharp breath as all my energy goes out and my head hits the cold wooden floor.
  7. Cliffhanger!
  8. Its liek 3:11am
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