The Summer I Found Love part 3

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sorry it took me so long to get this part out but I'm going to try to get more parts out sooner so read the first question for a recap of part 2 since it's been a while

read the paragraph above I don't feel like retyping and almost no one reads these paragraph and I hate having to type 150 words right after I work hard on a quiz

Created by: mcqueen

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  1. Recap: you went on a date with Eli he read a poem he wrote about you call "I found love" and he kisses you then takes you home and you fall asleep
  2. Your alarm clock wakes you up you get up and get dressed you just got done eating breakfast you hear a knock at the door. Upon opening it you discover it’s Seth he asks you to join him on a trip to the local pond *fast forward *. After a walk filled with deep conversation and laughing the two of you finally arrive. He surprises you by taking your hand and leading you to a seclude area with a picnic on a blanket set up.
  3. You both proceed sit down and talk like you two have known each other for years. Then out of nowhere he pulls out an iPod and asks you to dance he takes your hand, stands you up, and begins to waltz just as the music starts. After a few minutes you look into his sea green eyes right as he stares into your ____ eyes.
  4. And he leans in and kisses the corner of your mouth making you blush and more anxious then finally he kisses you on the lips you kiss him back his lips are soft and cool. Two minutes later you both pull away he is smiling from ear to ear and has a gleam in his eye.
  5. Not much happened after that so he took you home. So now you’re lying on your bed in your room replaying the date in your head. But then your mind starts wondering and you start thinking about the other guys especially your favorite one and.
  6. How you and _____ are going on a date to a romantic candle lit dinner on a gazebo covered in twinkling lights on a cloudless full moon night.
  7. You’re wearing a red cocktail dress with silver strappy heels and _____ was wearing a tuxedo and you two start dancing an just as _____ is about to kiss you CHLIFFHANGER.
  8. ok let me know in the comments who you want to go on a date with in part 4
  9. who do you love
  10. thanks for reading my series bye :)

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