love got poison part 3

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Once again you got it love got poison the story of love and hate sercets and lies are they all the same? Stories after story poison after poison lies after lies and finally love after love best friends could you trust? or lies lies lies your whole life? Can you trust any one in this story?

this stort is about lie and action and tiwist you never now what is coming you think but you do not know keep you thoughts to your self you be right or wrong? hate and love are not the same or could they? You never know

Created by: iheartpuppies
  1. Recap:You are at a party and saw a beautiful room then a guy came in and give this poison stuff to make you go to sleep.
  2. *Lexie's Pov* Have any of you guys seen _________ because I can not find her anywere.This party was a bad idea I told myself so I do what I always flip my red curly and say it is going to be alright.
  3. cliffhanger jk!
  4. winter: Where is __________? I look everwhere and nothing. Did she leave without us?
  5. (______) you finally wake-up where am I you said. You were in a very dark room then you heard fiting. Some one was coming up the stairs. Quickly you close you eyes some one picks you up and poof! You gone. They put you in a comfy bed. Then the door was shut
  6. this time you open your eyes and keep them open. This room was purple and blue it was beautiful. Some one came inside. You are finally awake he said. Um sorry who are you ohh i'm Zachary but you can call me Zack for short. Wait You are the guy from drama! Yes I am. So you think you can poison me and kidnap me to this purple and blue room!? Uhh no but first of all that was some else are arch emy and second we save you. So you should give me a thank you.
  7. "Well thanks" You say. "Wait I need outfits and my car and keys"! "We got you covered car outside keys on the table"." You saved my life". "Come down stairs we need to talk to you".
  8. They both come down stairs. " Breakfast time" one of the boys said. Hot steaming pancakes with bacon and french toast. While we were eating Zachary and the boys were saying this: " This sounds a little weird but we are magical we all have gifts" Zack said. "What this is not true" you said. "You are special to" Zack says. Then Winter comes out of no were it was like poof !
  9. "You text me Whats up"? Winter says. You passed out. "I told not to do that Zachary" said. "Sorry forgot" Winter says. "I thought you were at the party"? Then you text me "something wrong". Uhh It is called text back. " Sorry" "Where are the others? Party you them all party like". "Yep".
  10. "Wake her up Winter". "Okay water please". Splash it goes rights in her face. Really you say Cliffhanger

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