Love got poison part 5

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here it is love got you live or survive that apart of and this story

sit and enjoy the ride

Created by: iheartpuppies
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  1. Recap: You found out your powers Then a guy can in and said You don't belong here you belong with me. Now on with the story
  2. " What do you mean" you said getting your bed ready to go to sleep. "Here drink this" he said "No thanks" you said. "Drink it now" he yelled coming closer. "NO LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE" you scream. He was coming closer he grab your hand in to the wall. aAlmost choke you stare at him and you think of a place. Ow you ( any bad word you want )" he said. Poof you went to theā€¦
  3. Let say Zack's room Zack was relaxing and watching tv. "How did you" Zack was so confused. Don't ask weird guy trying to give me stuff. Zack howled an turn in to a wolf,Winter turn in to a dragon , and Justin turn in to a tiger ,finally Eric turn in to a cheata Wait here winter said.
  4. All you can here was stuff breaking and bam spalt you got knock out.
  5. (Zack pov) "Did you tell her to wait her winter"??? Yes she gone he took her why did you let your brother take him? I sigh I can not believe this saying in my head. First he killed mom and dad now he is going after the only thing we have? Hes an idot.
  6. (_________ pov) were am I thought ? I look up "chains again"you sigh. You try to do that teleport thing again but it didn't work what do you do?
  7. Let say you yell for help. You here foot steps coming I don't know what to do they open the door and say "nice to see you again" he said
  8. "again?" you say "Hello sister" he says
  9. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!! love got poison part 6 will be out soon byyyyyyyyyyyyye please committee and rate
  10. byyyyyyyyyyyyyye

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