love got poison part 4

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You have It again love got poison like i said be careful what you look for in this weird story lies are lies tales are tales and love is love. Could you trust any and mean any one for this story?

This story has weird endings and twist thinking when it is not true lieing to get away from trouble poisoning ininsent and young people but can we trust you?

Created by: iheartpuppies
  1. Recap: you at Zacks house. And Winter comes out of no where you passed out fyi She slpash water in you face to wake you up
  2. "You had to do that Winter"? "You could had shake me or something". "Sorry _______ did not mean it". "How did you like poof out of no where"? "You have not told her yet Zack"? "Yes I have". "What are you guys talking about"? "________ You have powers". "I am a grey wolf Zack Says". "I have telportaion Im also a water dragon She says I can fly". "What about me you said"? "We do not know yet Winter said". "That is why we need Eric Zack said. ERIC"!!! Winter scearm on the top of her lungs. He came down stairs with his shaggy brown hair all over the place. "What do you want"he says. "Dna on ______ now "Winter say! "Okay he said". "Come with me plz". "So you go with him he takes you to the lab".
  3. he prickeld your finger of blood went in tube by a computer "lets see... This might take a whole day". "But we will tell when we get the results he look in your eyes and smiled". we went back to the to the family room sat on the couch and chill finally Cristie and Lexie and Chlesie comes home. "Where have you guys been"? "At the party it was so much fun" they sat on the couch . "Oh hi _________ Lexie said". "You told her right Chlessie ask". "yes we did we did". It was getting dark so they all went to bed.
  4. They woke up. Ate Another Good breakfast. You were wondering were was Eric the Told you Eric had a girlfriend "What is your name" you said. "Oh my name is Justin". Justin has blonde orange highlights. And blueish greyish eyes.
  5. "Why do ask"? "He took a blood test he said the results come in tomorrow". "okay then" hand in his hair
  6. "Lexie plz scearm justin said". "What" you said? "you are gonna need these" justin said. You put the on. "Lexie now! ERIC!!!!!!" That was so loud i'm surprise that the windows did not shattered saying in my head.
  7. Eric came downstairs "what do you want"? the results to what power I have you said with smirk. Ohh here we are lets see you have Your Element and who u are is a dolphin orca. Ohh you go girl Chelseie said. Your powers are tellieportaion you can breath under warter you also could speak your anmails language and you also have death stair and invisibility. that is alot can I go upstairs now??!! yes you may tell jane I said hi Justin said okay.
  8. "Do you want to go out sometime"? "Are u asking me on a date". "Yes I am". "Give u an answer later.
  9. You were getting ready for bed some one came in the room You don't belong here he said. You belong with me... To Be Continue....
  10. Cliffhanger Sorry guys i made the questions a little long and made a short story. But i will see you all later Byeeee

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