Hogwarts Romance pt 5

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Well, here you go! Part 5. Sorry it's a bit late, I meant to have it out Wendsday or Thursday, but that obviously didn't happen. So, I hope you like it!

I don't know what else to write... I try not fill these up with complete nonsense... but I don't know what to say... well Have fun! i guess. 9 more...

Created by: coconinama

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  1. You wake up and see a small bouquet of flowers next to your head. You sit up and wonder who they are from...and why they were given to you. They smell good, you lift them to your nose and spot a small piece of paper attached. You take the note and put down the flowers. You unfold it and immediately look to the end to see who it's from. Surprised at the name you see scribbled there, you give a small gasp...
  2. Jake. It's not really surprising you say to yourself after a minute, just unexpected. You go to the beginning and read the note: 'Sorry if you don't like me. It's your choice, I won't be offended or anything if you choose your friend over me. -Jake' So sweet! you think. The nice note just made you want him more, but...no, you couldn't do that to Arien!
  3. "So, who's the note and flowers from?" asks Arien, hopping on to your bed. You quickly fold the note back up, before she can read it. "Ummm...it was anonymous." you lie. "Really? I thought I saw a signature at the end." she says. "Nope...definitely no signature." you say nervously, sticking it in a drawer. "oooo, someone's got a secret admirer!" teases Bailey, coming over. You laugh and say "No, I think it was just a friend."
  4. Then you get up, realizing that you need to get a move on if you want any sort of decent breakfast. You quickly throw on some robes, run a brush through your hair and apply a bit of makeup. Then you head down to breakfast with Chazz and Arien. All through breakfast you feel someone looking at you, but can't find the source through the crowded tables.
  5. First and second periods go by slow and boring. You think about the whole Jake fiasco and what you are going to say to him. Will it be awkward now? Probably, you think sadly. Towards the end of transfiguration, you finally decide that you are simply going to have to tell him that your friendship with Arien is important to you. You sigh and Arien looks over at you with a questioning look. You nod your head towards the teacher, as an excuse and Arien smiles. Luckily, it wasn't her favorite lesson.
  6. For once, Proffessor Heacock was right on time and hurried us in to class. Instead of simply pronouncing what potion we would be working on, as you usually did, he had created a lesson today. You were glad, more time until you had to talk with Jake. Then again, maybe it would be better to get it over with... "_______?" You give a start as you hear your name. "huh? sorry, I didn't catch that." you say, sheepishly. "I was just asking if you could explain what this technique is used for." Professor Heacock said. "Oh, ummm, I don't know." you reply. He turns to Jake. "Mr. Blake, do you know?" "Uhh, no, sorry." He says. "Has ANYONE been paying attention?"
  7. You see a girl at the front of the classroom raise her hand and hear her give the answer. You sigh, why did Jake have to do this? Too soon the class is over and you realize that you'll probably have to talk to him now. Still, you hurry out of the classroom as quickly as possible. You make it a little ways down the hallway before you feel a hand on your shoulder and stop a bit dejectedly. You let your classmates hurry past you and then turn to see...
  8. Jake, of course. "Hey." he says, "If you need more time to think, that's okay...just, you don't have to avoid me." You are tempted to say you just need to think, but you had already made up your mind. It wouldn't be fair to keep his hopes up. Why are you avoiding it so much anyways? Finally you say quietly: "I...my...my friendship with A-Arien means so much to me... I-I just can't do that to her." You are staring at your black ankle boots when you feel a hand cupping your chin, it turns face up and you look Jake in the eyes. "It's okay. I understand, I figured that's what you would say. I shouldn't have- have said anything yesterday." Then he pulls you into a tight hug and kisses your forehead gently.
  9. You are about to pull away when you hear a shout: "How could you do this?!" you turn while pulling away from Jake and see Arien standing there with tears in her eyes. Then she runs off. You immmediately dash after her. "Arien! Arien! Just listen to me! stop, please! It's not like that!" you yell after her. Finally she stops and turns around in a deserted corridor with tears streaming down her face. "Arien it was just a hug! We're not dating or anything." you say out of breath. "Yeah, right! How am I supposed to believe that?! How am I supposed to know that you haven't been secretly with him since last year?!" she yells angrily. "Because...because I'm your best friend." you say. She scoffs. "Well, not anymore!" she yells. "I already told you, we are NOT dating!" "Even so, maybe you were. Even so you hugged him and let him kiss you! You should know how much that hurt to see!" she retorts and then runs away crying.
  10. That was when the tears came. You sat down, back against the wall and just let it all out. Why was Arien so stubbornly jealous? Why had Jake had to do that? Why did he have to kiss me? It wasn't even on the lips or anything.... Why, why why??? After a couple of minutes you feel someone sit down next to you. You feel their hand rub your back, gently. You look up to make sure it's not Jake. It feels good...
  11. Well, yes. There you go. I hope you liked it. The next one won't be all about Jake, I promise. Anyways, please rate/comment!!!

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