Hogwarts Romance pt 8

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Hey guys! got this one out early because the last one was so late....and cause i felt like it, but whatever...i hope no one reads these, it's okay if you do though...

writing words, comment if you have any ideas for me! i love you guys! why is there a word number necesity thing on these??!!world peace!green day! MCR!

Created by: coconinama

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  1. *review* you are in the secret little hall thing with Chazz. Chazz says: "No, keep it our little secret, will you?" "Of course." you say and sit down against a wall. He joins you. There is a slightly awkward silence and then...
  2. ...he leans in so that is face is only half and inch away from yours. You feel his breath on you cheek as he leans forward and whispers in your ear; "I've been wanting to do this for a while now...please don't be offended." Is he going to kiss you? you ask your self. NO! don't think about that...he must be talking about something else! But then you feel the pressure of his sweet, harsh lips on yours. It's more desperate, fiery and you can tell he's done it many times before. But it's good. Then he pulls away abruptly. You immediately pull away too.
  3. You both seem to be in shock, but you quickly stand up and walk briskly away, not knowing what to think. Chazz Freedmin had really kissed you...
  4. ^CHAZZ POV^ Did I really just do that? Did I really just kiss _______, the f*ing love of my life? Hopefully she likes me back... probably not. She probably hates me now. I was just so in the mood! Ugh, life sucks! But there's still a chance! Then why did she just get up and leave? Finally I got up and made my way to my next class, luckily _______ not in it...awkward. Alright, nothing happened. Big smile. I forced my friendly, joking, confident personality through the rest of the day. I just couldn't get that kiss out of my head... she was a good kisser. I brushed my fingers over my lips, remembering the sweet taste of her lips... I turned in early and skipped dinner.
  5. ^BACK TO REG. POV^ You spent the rest of the day thinking about that simple kiss. Maybe he hadn't really meant it... but then why did he whisper those words to you? Luckily, you didn't see Chazz at all. You debated wheather you should go to dinner, but you were too hungry to skip. He wasn't there anyway.
  6. As you lay in bed after a slightly awkward entrance to my dormitory. Seriously they hadn't even given me a chance to explain! But then I had an idea...it was evil, bad , wrong, but...it could work. I might get your best friend back! But at the cost of one of your others? You could still be friends! Maybe you really did like him anyway, you still weren't sure...
  7. If you dated Chazz...it would prove that you weren't with Jake! But would it work? Well, really there was only one way to find out!
  8. I'm sorry this is really short! I just really don't know where I'm going with this, but I will keep going and hopefully I'll come up with something soon!
  9. There will be ender in the next one and a conversation with jake. I think I'll put Cicely in there too. maybe you and Arien will make up! (I kind of wanted her gone though :/ )
  10. OH! please give me ideas for what to do next if you have any in the comments!! sorry again, i hate just wasting questions....at least you get to read some though! right?

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