Hogwarts Romance pt 7

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it has been such a long time. so much for one a week! ugh. i have excuses though! dance, school, EXAMS! i hate business :( grrrr. well writing stuff...

i don't want to subject you to the terribleness of typing random letters, but geez is it tempting! no one even really reads this, right? grrr more letters

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  1. You wake up and get dressed in a silent daze, feeling the glare of Bailey on your back, but not daring to look at her. You make your way down to the Great Hall quickly and grab some food. Then hurry out to try and avoid any sort of conflict. You sit down in on a bench in a small alcove in a corridor near your first class. After a minute you take out some homework and get to work on it. Before you can get much done, though, you hear footsteps come towards you and then stop in front of you. You looks up and see...
  2. Deep brown eyes looking nicely down at you. You notice for the first time how beautiful Ender's eyes were... dark pools of chocolately brown... "Hey! Ummm, do you need any help with that?" You break out of you thoughts as he says this. "Oh, hey. Ummm yeah, that would be nice." "Cool, what class is it for?" as he says this, he sits down next to you and you notice that your legs are pressed against each other because of the size of the bench. "Transfiguration. The essay that's due tomorrow." "Oh, that's easy! You just talk about how..." and with that he goes off on a deep analysis of the spell and it's uses...oh, ravenclaws!
  3. Too soon you realize that you have to be in DADA and stop him. "Oh, right. Yeah, we'd better get going, don't want to be late!" You both stand up and head towards the room. "I-I hope I helped you, I know I kind of went on and on..." "It's okay. I think it helped." you reply, kindly. You quickly find your seats, you as far away as possible from Arien, just as the class is about to begin. The lesson passes by as usual...boring. After that transfiguration is the same, leading up to a more awkward version of the last two classes, with Professor Heacock giving one of his new lessons.
  4. Finally, lunch arrives and sit next to Cicely and across from Chazz and Ender. "So, where were you and Ender this morning?" asks Cicely, quietly. "He was just helping me with homework." you reply honstly. "You really took him up on that offer?" she asks, raising an eyebrow. Ender notoriously give almost useless, very boring, 'help' on homework. "Yeah... he's my friend." you say. "Well, I think someone has a crush." she says matter-of-factly and then imediatly begins talking to Chazz about his love life, not letting me respond. "Hey, so, what's up _______?" says Ender. "Oh, not much. The usual boring classes..." "Oh, yeah...cool." he looks like he is trying to find something else to say, but then gives up and looks down at his hands.
  5. "So...how's arithmancy going?" you ask to make conversation after an awkward minute, during which you had heard Cicely asking who he was planning on asking to the winter dance. "Good. I like it... I guess. Ummm, so how's divination going?" he replys. "Good I guess." you say simply and then add, "Well, I'm going to go get started on my homework." Chazz, apparently having heard this, said: "Yeah, me too." You both get up and start walking to the doors, you quickly wave goodbye to Cicely and Ender, though Cicely already seemed to have started a conversation with him.
  6. You start walking down a corridor to the commons and realize that Chazz is still walking next to you. "Don't you have potions now?" you ask him. "Yeah, but I was thinking of skipping." You roll your eyes. The kid seemed to skip at least one class everyday, how he got away with it, no one knew. You continued walking in silence to your common room with Chazz and then sat at one of the tables to start on your homework. Chazz sat across from you and took out some homework too. Surprisingly, he did seem to generally keep up with his homework.
  7. After awhile Chazz said, "So, what do you have after this?" "Divination." you say. "Cool. Wanna skip?" "Why? And you can't skip another class!" "I have free period next hour." "Well...okay. I've been thinking about dropping divination anyway."
  8. As soon as the next period starts, Chazz hops up and says: "Come on, ______, I want to show you something." "Okay." you say. You pack up your stuff and get up. He grabs your hand and starts running out of the common room and down several corridors.
  9. You finally end up in a small corridor that you've never seen before. Unlike the other corridors, it was devoid of paintings or suits of armor. It's walls were a blank white and there were no alcoves. It was so thin that you could stand in the middle and your fingertips would brush each side. It seemed quite hidden, you had no idea where in the castle you were.
  10. "Where is this? And how did you find it?" are the first things that you can think to say. "I like wandering around. It's on the east side of the second floor. I think it's a cool place to hang out." "Have you ever seen anyone else here?" "No, keep it our little secret, will you?" "Of course." you say and sit down against a wall. He joins you. There is a slightly awkward silence and then...
  11. so it has been way to long! but i hope you enjoyed it!

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