what do tou know about the book hoot

how much do you know about hoot? you should be able to answer many of the questions if you have just watched the movie.i hope you are exellent GOOD LUCK!

SO WILL you get a hundred? probably not unless you have the book with you or you have an extraordinary memory. i hope you like my quiz!!please comment on it

Created by: coconinama

  1. where did roy live before florida (this is an easy one)
  2. what is mullet fngers step sister called?
  3. what was the last movie curly watched?(this one is hard)
  4. why is mullet fingers called mullet fingers
  5. where did mullet fingers run away from?
  6. who is the school bully?
  7. who is the author of hoot?
  8. what is mullet fingers trying to save?
  9. where do the owls live?
  10. what is another book by the author of hoot?

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