Hogwarts Romance pt 6

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HEY! PART 6 IS HERE!!!!! yeah, just stating the obvious, well, it's a great way to use up characters, and i really wanted to write something in caps! lol

what else?well, if your reading this, plz don't forget to comment and rate! it means a lot to me! I'm on break, so if ur lucky pt 7 might b out 2morrow!

Created by: coconinama

  1. You see Ender sitting there. "Are you okay?" he asks. You simply shake your head and continue to cry your eyes out. He sits with you for what seems like hours until finally your eyes simply run out of tears to cry. "What happened?" asks Ender quietly. You think about what to tell him, but in the end the whole story pours out of your mouth. Surprisingly you don't start crying again, but you still felt like crying. When you finish Ender says: "Maybe I could try to talk to her?" You shake your head, "It won't do any good. If anyone could somehow convince her, it would be me." "Okay...well, I'm always here for you...if-if you need anything." He says. "Thanks." you say noticing a couple of passing students giving the two of you strange looks. You and Ender stand up and you give him a quick hug.
  2. "Well, we'd better get to class." says Ender. "Yeah..right. What period are we in?" "Ummm, fifth." He says. "What do you have?" You ask. "Potions." "Oh, well, I'll see you at dinner then." you say a bit dejectedly. "Yeah, see you." and with that you head in opposite directions, him to the dungeons and you to the north tower.
  3. When you get to the bottom of the ladder you pause. You could probably get away with skipping... you're not really in the mood to see Arien again... at all. But, then again, you'd have to face up to the class sometime. You sigh and climb the ladder. The professor doesn't even glance at you, so you find one of the last two seats left and notice that Arien wasn't there either.
  4. Divination goes by in a blur. You can't concentrate at all. In charms you join up with Chazz for a partner essay. "Hey! Why so down today?" he says happily. He must not have heard about you and Arien yet... "Hi." you say not really wanting to talk about the argument. Soon enough though, he convinced you to tell him. "Fine, fine. Arien and I got into an argument." you still leave out the details. "So, am I going to have to choose sides?" he asks, a bit jokingly. "Well, if it was up to me, no. With Arien...well, she might not speak to you again if you so much as say 'hi' to me." you reply honnestly. "Oh...well, I just want you to know that I won't stop talking to you just because of her." "Thanks." you say, but Chazz would never be able to make up for the bond that you and Arien had shared. He wrapped you in a tight, but brief hug and then the teacher told you to get to work.
  5. After class, you and Chazz join Ender and Cicely at their table. As you slide in beside Cicely she says: "Okay, fill me in on you and Arien." You sigh. Not something you really wanted to talk about, but Cicely deserved to know. "After dinner." you say. She must be pretty desperate to hear the story because she grabs a roll with butter, hands it to me and drags me to a deserted corridor. "Tell me." she says. "Well...I guess I'll start from the begging..." You find yourself pouring out the whole thing, in detail. How Jake told you he loved you, your talk after potions, the hug and then the argument. By the end you had a couple of tears running down your cheeks. Cicely gave you a hug. "Come here sweety, it's okay." she said soothingly
  6. "I-I just f-feel so bad!" you say. "But the hug didn't really mean anything...you had just turned him down, for her. She's just jealous... you know how she is. I'm sure she'll come around soon!" as she says this, she keeps you in a tight hug, rubbing your back soothingly. "Th-thanks, but you also know how stubborn she can be." you say. "I know, but we have to think positively, besides, Chazz and Ender and I will all stay by your side!"
  7. After a minute or two of just standing there in a tight embrace, you pull away. "I'm going to head to bed." you say. "Alright, sounds good. 'night!" she says and you both head to your separate common rooms. You get to your room and immediately feel sad. Arien is curled up in her bed, looking sad. And then there's Bailey: "_______, how could you do this to her?! You guys have been best friends since forever and then you just take her man?! That's terrible! And don't you dare try to make up excuses! It will just hurt her more!" You looks at Arien she looks sad still. She doesn't say anything, just watches her little guard dog yell at you.
  8. You brush past her without a word and slip into some pyjamas. Then you get under the covers. You see Violet and Therese whispering on one of their beds. You remember how you and Arien used to do that. The whole room just seemed depressing, despite the yellow Hufflepuff decor everywhere. Eventually the events of the past couple days cannot keep you wake any longer and you drift off to sleep.
  9. You wake up suddenly at the sound of thunder and then glance at the clock, 3 o'clock in the morning. 'Perfect.' you think, 'the weather suits my mood perfectly.' and with that you drift back into a fitfull sleep.
  10. Well, that's about it...btw the last question was absolutely pointless. Well, i hope it was good! plz comment/ rate!

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