Do You Know your Vocab?

To know your vocab means what? That you are smart. You have to work hard to remember all of the words, then the definitions. To memorize every word is hard, so this quiz is going to be like the real thing!

Are YOU a vocab memorizer? Do you have enough memory to qualify for that prestigious title? Up until now you could only imagine, but you will find out in just a matter of minutes!

Created by: Mariana
  1. What word defines: an abundant, overflowing supply
  2. What does Credo mean?
  3. What does Decorum mean?
  4. What word defines: having two or double;also a type of home
  5. What word defines: self esteem or self image?
  6. What does Enigma mean?
  7. What word defines: easily done or performed?
  8. What does Gusto mean?
  9. What word defines: ignorant person?
  10. What does insomnia mean?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know my Vocab?