Have A Good Vocab?

There Are Many Talents Which People Possess, But Let's Face It: Not Many People Have The Mental Capacity To Absorb A Wide Spectrum of Words. I Mean, Do You Know What Vicissitude Means??

Well, If You Do, Then This Is Your Quiz, Your Spotlight, Your Long Thirsted-For Recognition. If You Just Are Taking This For Fun, Well, That's Admissible, Too! ^-^ Good Luck, Confidant!

Created by: Marilyn Spears
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  1. Ah, The Weather Is So "Sodden". How Is The Weather?
  2. I See A Man On The Sidewalk Near Me, He Is "Capricious", "Slatternly", And "Churlish". He Then Stops Me And Asks Me To Be His Best Friend. Should I Say Yes?
  3. Well, The New Girl At School Is "Reticent", So I'm Sure She'd Love To Talk With Me...?
  4. Wow, The Chair Is Gorgeous "Buff", "Terra-Cotta", and "Ecru". What Color Is It?
  5. Hmm, This Soup Is Very "Saliferous", "Yecchy", and "Scalding". Is It Good?
  6. I Just Caught Wind Of An Ambrosial Smell. Where Am I?
  7. That Movie Was So Macabre! So, What Genre Was It?
  8. Her Skin Was Lily. What Is It Like?
  9. A Man Approaches Me And Asked Where He Can Get On The Horn. Where Does He Want Me To Direct Him, Exactly?
  10. Ah, What A Matronly, Antediluvian Shawl! So, Is It In Style?
  11. When The Doctor Visited Our Health Class, He Showed Us A Medulla Oblongata. What Was It?

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