Test your goat IQ

As you go through this test you may find easy or hard questions, but every question is all about goats and vocab dealing with them. If you like the little critters or think you know some facts about them you should test your goat IQ.

I am a goat owner. We have had goats for a few years know, but before we got them I researched for 5 years. Since then I have gave many educational presentations. This information is all true as far as my knowledge goes, but I do not guarantee that it is all accurate.

Created by: farm20boy05

  1. What do you call a female goat?
  2. What do you call a male goat?
  3. What do you Call A baby goat?
  4. How many babies can be born in one year to one female.
  5. What is a group of goats called?
  6. Which one is a meat breed?
  7. Which is a Dairy breed?
  8. Which breed was bred for hair?
  9. What can a goat eat?
  10. How much can an adult goat weigh?
  11. Do you or any of your family members raise goats?

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