of mice and men vocab quiz

Every year teachers make their students read this stupid book, I hope this helped you study and be ready for the test you will have to take, i know i am.

I know this quiz helped me get ready for the test I have to take in english about this book, and I hope it helped you get ready for the test you'll have to take someday too!

Created by: arah
  1. a bundle, as of bedding, carried by a hobo.
  2. to make a continuous low, dull humming noise.
  3. sullenly melancholy
  4. deep suffering of misfortune; grief.
  5. altered or sounded in one anvarying tone.
  6. at war, of war, war like.
  7. slang for money
  8. a genre of theatrical performance.
  9. to ponder or consider thoughtfully
  10. to twist and turn this and that.
  11. oistant
  12. scornful anger at supposed unjust or unfair conduct or treatment.
  13. a fearful or uneasy anticipation of the future
  14. dread
  15. dejected
  16. a mule driver
  17. tick
  18. a black man that works in a stable
  19. for waste or sewage
  20. handyman;someone who performs odd jobs such as cleaning. candy*
  21. insulting.
  22. meanacing
  23. reduce the serverity of.
  24. quarrel-some.
  25. german semiautomatic pistol
  26. mockery
  27. able or quick to recieve impressions or ideas.
  28. hold in deep or religious respect
  29. blameworthy
  30. a northern california mining town
  31. a coastal california city about 130 miles south of san francisco.
  32. written on by an employment agency for the worker to present to the employer.

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