Tired of silly quizes? This one really packs a punch!!!

There are few people who have somthing to do with their life! Know you can find out if you are one of those few people! Take this quiz and you will know what you have always wanted to know!!

Are you HAPPY with YOU life? Do you need to know if you are living a GOOD and happy LIFE?? Dont you think it is time you take the Quiz of the Century?!?!?! Take this quiz and find out!!!

Created by: Eyrun
  1. What is your dating status?
  2. After school/work what do you do when you come home?
  3. It is Friday night, your alone, what movie do you rent??
  4. Its vacation time!! Where do you go?
  5. If a guy/girl is looking at you from a far, do you?
  6. QUICK!!! Pick a game!!!
  7. Are you bored?
  8. Parents or roomates out of town, what do you do?
  9. How many kids do you want to have
  10. Are you gonna rate this quiz? If so, Higher or lower?

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