How Tired Are You?

You may think that you are tired, but are you really? You don't feel tired, but everyone is telling you that you seem tired. You are all of the sudden very sick, but you want to stay up and about? Should you go to bed?

TIRED PEOPLE! Are you tired? Do you need a nap? Should you stay in bed for a very long time? Take this quiz to find out if you are ready for bed! You most likely are.

Created by: Llama of
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  1. Do you feel tired?
  2. Are you yelling at people a lot?
  3. Do you have a head ache?
  4. Do you like naps?
  5. Why aren't you sleeping?
  6. Are you whiny?
  7. Do you have a sister?
  8. If you had to go to sleep, how long would it take you?
  9. Are other people telling you that you're tired?
  10. Did you want to take this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How Tired am I?