Crazycrazy time!

wordswordswordstalktalkblablabla. take it I guess I don't know it's probably not that fun I kept stopping then didn't work on it for a long Time I don't know what's going on

morewords. hihihihihihohihih ummmmmmmmmmmmm yaaaaaa ok lalalalala. ok well this is fun. ummmm lala more words ok almost there ok bye have fun my quiz

Created by: coolme3

  1. Happy birthday!!!!!!
  2. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  3. I'm hungry I want some turkey!
  4. What color are my underwear?!?
  6. mmmmmmmm. cadbury creme eggs. YUMMMMMYYYYY!
  7. I'm eating a cadsbury egg right now baby!
  8. oooooppppppssssss
  9. teehee......... I don't remember where I was going with this quiz cuz it's been a couple weeks since I worked on it last
  10. I'm jammin out to some sick music right now. just sayin
  11. wow.
  12. this quiz isn't crazy enough
  13. hey this song was just on. oh well it's a good song so that's ok. rock and roll no place to go! it's a good song you've probably never heard
  14. this quiz is more random than crazy
  15. umm ya I stopped working on this quiz so again I don't remember what I was doing it's been like a month since I worked on it last
  16. I want a big Mac!
  17. haha you're dead and I'm so happy when your ship is going down I'll stand by and watch you drown haha you're dead haha you're dead haha you're dead
  18. how many questions should this quiz be? I don't know what I was gonna do so I guess it'll be done now 20 questions.

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