The Love Story That is Yours Part 2

ok ppl all i can say is if u have no clue who relient k is you must look them up because they are so awesome!!!!!!!!! they rock my socks maybe ill link them here. TY heather sutton whos quizzes gave me the idea :D

go to you tube and search them beacuse i cant link them watch their song who i am hates who ive been or be my escape watch it..... i LOVE i hope u enjoy this quiz i worked rly hard on it :D

Created by: PersonXD

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  1. Ok you had finished the school day and had three new numbers in your phone as well as the ones you already have. What does your phone look like?
  2. Your phone starts ring. You look at it and see its Danid. You pick it up. "Hey," you say "Whats up?" "Nothing um i just wanted to see if you would like to come over and hear our band play?" "Sure sounds like fun. When?" "Um, tonight sound good?" "Toattly!""Ok see you then!" "Bye." You think to your self wheat kind of music do they play and whos in their band. You pick up the phone and who do you call?
  3. You pick up the phone and call your mom. She picks up and you talk about your day then about her day finally you ask if you can go over to Danid's she say sure and then sudenly you hear scream and the line goes dead. this worries you a little and you thought that maybe you should call your mom again but don't because you think that she would get mad and ground you so you head over to Danid's. What are you thinking on the way there?
  4. You head down stairs and say bye to your brother while thay sit watching the TV. "Bye." they say. You head out the door and start walking down the street Danid lives about 30 minutes walk away from you. You walk until you get to his house. You ring the doorbell and a dog jumps up on you. "Hey ________ I hope you like dogs cuz I have three." Danid laughs at the look on your face you don't like dogs when you were little dogs use to knock you over jump on you. "It's ok I'm here." he says. He puts his arm around you it makes you relax. Then he leads you to the living room his house is nice and modren looking you like it. You look around you see Ben holding a bass Daniel holding drum sticks a mike and two other guitars. a boy you haven't met goes and pick up one off the guitars. What instrument are you looking at?
  5. "Um.... ca you put the dogs away they are scaring me." you say. "Wow you are scared of a dog" the boy who is holding guitars says then laughs. You blush. "Eric be nice." Daniel shouts. Eric was short but taller than you by a couple of inchs and had brown hair that curled up at the ends, his hazel eyes looked joyful and had a bright smile. "AWW come on they're just dogs scaredy cat." Eric teased. "Yep thats right I am a scardey cat and yes I do like cats so can YOU just put them away?" You yelled. "Yea," said Danid "sorry Eric can be a little mean." "I can tell" you said. "Anyway I'm Eric and you are?" he asked you. What do you say.
  6. "_______" you say. "_____ we are just waiting for Jake once he gets here we can start.
  7. Just then the doorbell rings who do you think it is?
  8. It must be Jake Danid says. Danid gets the door and standing there is a boy whoo is tall has black hair and blacks eyes that are or at least one is cover by his hair and a lip ring.
  9. "So can we start?" he asks. "Yea Jake one thing first." Danid turns to look at you. "Sing a song while we warm up?" You look uncomfortable you never really sung before. "Sure?" "Ok." Danid says happily. What song do you sing.
  10. Whatever you choose to sing the boys play along with and once you are done Daniel says "Wow that was great I can't belive that you have never sung in front off people before. All the boys agree except Jake. "Well you can't sing." He says. "She can too, Jake she didn't miss a note what are you saying?" Eric yelled. "SHE CAN'T SING!" Jake yelled.
  11. Just then a another person rang the doorbell. But you thought they were all there.
  12. Will you rate and comment and read the two paragraphs up there^.
  13. Who do you love?

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Quiz topic: The Love Story That is mys Part 2