Heaven story quiz part 1

ok this is just a random story that i made up.So this is like kind of like really stupid.So dont laugh at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh by the way!Danny is your best friend who has spiky brown hair and is a bit of a rebel.

Created by: Tabsta

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  1. You and Danny walk home together and you start to smile when he starts to talk about your biology homework.He's been your best friend for years and you really like him.
  2. Suddenly you both get pushed onto the ground and you become unconscience.When you wake up your locked in a small room and you cant see Danny anywhere.You jump up and look around then you find a barred window when you look through you see Danny jumping up in another tiny room.
  3. Danny gets up and comes to the window thing when your "cell" door opens and a guy comes into the room with blonde floppy hair.Then another guy comes out behind him with black hair gelled into place and geek glasses.
  4. The blonde guy says his name's Chad and that's Peter."im sorry we had to kidnap you _____"says Chad."HEY! i didnt Chad!YOU DID!"says Peter."watevs"says Chad "look, we had to do it.Danny,i think u no me!" Yea i do"says danny"Dont listen to Chad _____, he will just use you".
  5. Chad then pulls you out of the room and takes you across a hallway into a really pretty deluxe room.You really like it but its so far away from danny in his little cell.Chad sits you at the desk and tells you to stay.Peter comes into the room suddenly and pulls Chad into a corner of the room. They whisper quietly but you can just hear that their gonna destroy Danny.
  6. You get up and walk over to Peter and Chad and tell them off about killing Danny.Peter agrees with you that its out of order and you no that youll have to run out of their and save Danny.But Chad is one step ahead of you and grabs hold of you.You start to cry so he gives you to Peter and storms out, slamming the door behind him.
  7. Peter lets go of you then and walks into the wardrobe.Your intrested so you follow him inside and look around you and see a massive editing bay/computer world.You look around for Peter and see him on the far side of the room working on the computer.You go over but you dont understand anything.Then you and Peter look each other in the eyes.
  8. Both of your lips nearly touch when the door opens.You both leap up and see Chad.Luckily he didnt see but wanted to no wat u guys were doin.You start to stammer that you were just looking at wat Peter was doing.Then Chad says that he wants to take you out for a while and pulls you along at his heels.
  9. ok guys if u want to c wat happens next and wat u do with Chad you will have to look or wait for part 2!
  10. now you can see who you will likely be with now!

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