Do You Potato???

Hello. Potatoes are nice. They make lots of yummy foods. Do you like potatoes? We shall see. Take this quiz. Potato potato potato potato potato-o-o-o

Potato! Yup. Potato. You actually read this? Stop wasting your time, there is a quiz to take!

Created by: coolme3

  1. Hi everybody I am making a quiz at 4am so pardon my potato-ness.
  2. Do you like potatoes?
  3. Do you like French fries?
  4. Do you like waffle fries?
  5. How bout smiley fries?
  6. Do you like potato chips?
  7. Do you like baked potatoes?
  8. Do you like twice baked potatoes?
  9. Do you like lefse?
  10. Do you like mashed potatoes?
  11. did you know all that stuff is made from potatoes? pretty great, huh?

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Quiz topic: Do I Potato???