How Much of a Coach potatoa Are You?

There are many deffinitions of a coach potato. I'm sure our great grand parents would view most of us as lazy good for nothing Tv zombies. But rest assured, you might not be all that bad, take this test and find out how bad you really are!

Ever wondered if your a coach potato??? Well find out here wheather or not your a mega, semi, or an anti coach potato. That way you can tell your family...yes, you should pay the 500 dollars to bronze my couch divit.

Created by: Sarah of ecfans
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  1. Who are Phoebe, Paige, Prue, and Piper Halliwell?
  2. In an episode of Charmed characters Cole and Daryl were argueing over a woman's feeling's toward Cole. Who was that woman?
  3. What Actors (Male) were on the first season of ER? And Name the characters they played.
  4. In an episode of ER. Dr Mark Greene is dieing from a Brain Tumor, what music is playing in the background when he passed away?
  5. Who are Joey Tribiani, Phoebe Buffet, Rachael Greene, Ross Geller, Monica Geller, and Chandler Bing?
  6. On an episode of Friends one of the friends proposess to the other in a hospital. Which friends were involved in this scene?
  7. What TV show fetured an african-american family who lived in a Brooklyn brownstone home, and showed for 9+ years in the mid 80's early 90's?
  8. In an episode of #9, one of the children was given a real-life play about moveing out on his own. What was this child's name, and who played him?
  9. What game show is hosted by Pat Sajak, and Vana White?
  10. What network only plays animated movies and tv shows?
  11. What is PBS?
  12. Who played Coach on the series Coach?
  13. What Tv MiniSeries was 4 days long, equaled up to 7 hours of watch time and was about Ex-Texas Rangers?
  14. What Tv Mini-series was 3 days long, equaled up to 6 hours of play time, and was about african slaves being brought to america.
  15. I watch the news...
  16. I watch the discovery channel
  17. I watch Tv...
  18. I'd rather....
  19. I have...
  20. One last question....Could you live without TV?

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Quiz topic: How Much of a Coach potatoa am I?