what type of head coach are you

many people think that all head coaches are the same, well their not. In fact there are different types of coaches and coaching styles that you can choose from, well you don't choose it , everyone else chooses for you. especially your players

So which are you? If you were a coach what coaching style would you be? for most people they think they would be the one who does the impossible, well you need a style to do that.

Created by: james
  1. practice begins
  2. what do you look for in a QB
  3. your HB is getting hit in the backfield and your FB is missing his block, how do you resolve the problem
  4. which offensive position do you think is the most important
  5. defense
  6. what do you look for in a HB
  7. what type of reciever do you prefer
  8. where are your players going
  9. what do you look for in a LB
  10. if you could win everyone of these games, which would you choose

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Quiz topic: What type of head coach am I