Which My Inner Demon character are you??

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Be prepared to find out who your little My Inner Demons character is (But if you are Leif or Pierce you are my child and I call my children beans, me potato cat queen)

Me just doin this, Me the potato queen of the world and my freakin demon children is Leif and Pierce. You da bravest of them all if you are one of my children

Created by: DemonGirl12
  1. What element would you have
  2. What weather do you prefer
  3. Have you ever thought of killing someone
  4. What weapon do you prefer
  5. Who is you favorite character
  6. Would you rather love or hate
  7. Rate yourself from 1-5, 1 is how bad you are and you should know what 5 means
  8. What color do you prefer
  9. Are you fearless or are you a Coward
  10. Do you prefer Leif or Pierce

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Quiz topic: Which My Inner Demon character am I??