Witch my inner demons character are you?

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Hi this is my first quiz ive made i saw alot of these on the Internet and i finnally figured out how to make a quize so yeah here it is whitch my inner demon character are you?

I was thinking about the topic and i wanted to go aphmau themed so i decided to makd my first quiz based off aphmaus latest series called my inner demons enjoy the quiz

Created by: ArufaurufuChan
  1. Are you smart?
  2. Are you badly tempered??
  3. Are you charming?
  4. Are you calm?
  5. Are you innocent?
  6. Would you perfer ice cream or pizza?
  7. Are you curios?
  8. Gold,red,blue,navy or green?
  9. Dark magic or light magic?
  10. Healing power or fire power

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Quiz topic: Witch my inner demons character am I?