Which my inner demons character are you?

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Hello my name is ArufaurufuChan and today im going to share with you my very first qui hope you enjoy the quiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way if i were you id try to be honest in order to get the mosf accurate results!!!

So the first time i wanted to make it aphmau themed so this is it im basing it off her latest series called my inner demonsIf you havent watched it go watch it and then do this quiz it will help.

Created by: ArufaurufuChan
  1. Are you smart?
  2. Would you rather love or hate
  3. Would you rather the cold or the heat
  4. Which character do you want to get?
  5. Are you a tryhard like me?
  6. Do you workout?
  7. Have you ever kidnaped someone
  8. Are you fearless?
  9. On a scale of 1 to 5 how good are you? 1 being bad and 5 good
  10. Do you like knives?

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Quiz topic: Which my inner demons character am I?