could we be buddies if we ever met in person?!

ok. this is a quiz that you're taking. it's to see if you could be friends with me. yaaa... ok.... I divided 3 by 776 and came up with 13! isn't that weird? so how's it going?

lalalalala second paragraph. umm what should I write? lalallalaaaaaaaaaaaa. take the quiz already! it's forcing me to write this! I don't have anything else to say. good

Created by: coolme3
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. ummm... what should the first question be?
  2. buddy the elf, what's your favorite color?
  3. are you silly? are you funny? are you hilarious?
  4. do you like having funny inside jokes?
  5. are you random?
  6. MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION: do you like green day?
  7. do you like rap music?
  8. are you a vegetarian or vegan?
  9. do you like sports?
  10. do you like Justin beaver or Hannah montanna/ Miley Cyrus or the Jonah's brothers?
  11. ummm... do you like ceiling fans?
  12. do you like these movies?: Monty python and the holy Grail, ferris buellers day off, karate kid (the REAL one), waynes world, war games, kellys heros, it's a wonderful life, ace Ventura
  13. what is your name? what is your quest? what is your favorite color?
  14. what is your name? what is your quest? what is your favorite color?
  15. do you want this quiz to be over?
  16. well, bye! let's see if you're my friend!

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