My moms judgement

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Thread Topic: My moms judgement

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    coolme3 Senior
    I was just remembering old friends. There were these 18 yr old guys I hung out with for a while when I was 16 and my mom haaaated it. She'd make me come home super early if I was with them or be calling me the whole time and try so hard to find reasons to not allow me to do things with them.

    And she grounded me after 4th of july cause I told her Id be home when we were done with fireworks and she thought I meant city fireworks but we were doing our own.

    So then I just stopped being friends with these guys. Cause it was too much effort vs my mother.

    And they were the most well behaved people I hung out with in high school xD Everyone else drank or smoked weed. So after that I got in with the wrong people and she allowed that..

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