I Feel Like Making a Quiz..

Welcome to my quiz. I just kinda felt like making a quiz, which maybe you can tell from the name of this quiz... so yeah, nothing important at all.

well... you can go ahead and take the quiz now. no need to read this. They are forcing me to write this. Help!!!!! and i am being forced to write a certain number of words.

Created by: coolme3

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  1. I feel like making a quiz.. so thats what I'm doing..
  2. blablablablablablablablaaahhhhhhhhh
  3. soo.... apparently my ipod "must be restored to factory settings" grrrrr......
  4. now im a little pissed off...
  5. oh wow i forgot about that! aahh :P nothing, nevermind.
  8. oirghjdvanclkmdojfadm,n,xmlskdfdgdadldjagkjbgvksjdgblskgbajkdbfdnakjfnkz,miuuuhbjrrrr gbjn!
  9. ok, come on guys, number 3 4 and 5, the yes no and what? people, say something different. and person number 6... uhhh....
  10. nonono, come on, say different words!!
  11. when you are done adding questions, click here to go to the next step. should i do it? should i go bye bye now??
  12. yeahhh im gonna go now. buh-bye.!

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