Royalty Seasons and Love 9

Sorry guys! This took a little longer than usual to come out, but I was a little busy. But, I made it kinda long, so maybe that will make up for it. :)

Yeah, so I never know what to put in this one. I don't even know if FANTASY AND FROSTING people read these. Sorry for the random comment in the last sentence, I just felt like putting it.

Created by: LinxLady
  1. Edward sees that you are cold. He takes off his jacket and wraps it around your shoulders. "You need it more than I do." he says with a faint smile.
  2. Edward is at first surprised by your reaction, then laughs. He takes you by the hand and you are surprised that for someone so cold and distant, his hand is very warm. he shows you areound the palace. Your favorite room is....
  3. It is dark by the time he has finished showing you around, and you are exhausted. He leads you to a room right across from his. It is all ice with white, purple, and blue furniture. He kisses you gently on the hand and bids you good night. You go to sleep and dream of:
  4. Of course, your dream has to change again.
  5. Linna comes into view...except, she doesn't attack you. She is standing in Edward's ballroom, next to a man playing the piano. You can tell by his dark hair and pale skin that it is Edward himself. She smiles at him adoringly.
  6. Edward stops playing and sits at the piano. Linna's smile fades. "What is wrong, my love?" she asks.
  7. He gets up, his deep blue eyes brimming with tears. "Oh, Edward!" she cries. "What's wrong?" He gets up and takes her into his arms. "Promise me that you will never leave me." he whispers. "Promise me that you will never love another." She nods hesitantly.
  8. "I know what you have done." he says suddenly. Linna's eyes go wide. "No..." she whisperes. Edward tears away from her. He starts walking away. He won't meet her eyes. She runs after him and grabs his arm. "Edward, I'm sorry!" she begs. "Please forgive me! I couldn't help it! Something came over me, and I couldn't -" Edward shakes her arm off and turns to face her. "What does it matter?" he says icily. "You said you'd love me." Then he leaves. You wake up.
  9. You look up and see a portrait on the wall that you hadn't noticed before. The girl looks like you. She has the same color hair, the same smile, but her eyes are a bright turquoise.
  10. The next day after breakfast, Edward take you to the ballroom. "You've seen what I can do." he says as he sits down at the piano. You get a chilling sense of deja vu as you look down at him. "Since our world was all water at one time, I am considered the oldest of my brothers."
  11. Lets say you chose one of the first two. He shakes his head. "I'm not entirely sure I know." he admits. "mother says it means I'm special, but how special come someone like me be?"
  12. He starts to play "Music of the Night" on the piano from "The Phantom of the Opera". It's the most beautiful thing you've ever heard in your life. You start to dance to the music while Edward smiles at you.
  13. Then, Edward gets up and starts dancing with you. "I'm supposed to be training you," he whisperes. Somehow, the music is still playing. "But, I really don't want to train." "What do you want to do then?" you ask.
  14. Edward stops dancing with you and stares at you intently. You almost start drowning in his eyes. Then, he leans in and kisses you tenderly. Your reaction:
  15. Before he can respond to your reaction, the room gets colder. "What's going on?" you ask, but Edward shakes his head. "I'm not doing anything." he replies nervously.
  16. A dark, swirling mass of clouds appears and Linna steps out. She smirks and goes up to Edward. "Hello, lover boy." she trills and starts making out with him!
  17. "Hey!" you yell. You thrust your palm out and a beam of pure light comes from your hand and hits Linna. Linna screams and falls to the floor. Edward just stands there, stunned.
  18. Linna leaps to her feet. Her claws and fangs come out and she growls at you. "I've never met a girl with a death wish like yours!" she hisses and runs at you, but Edward snaps back to life and tackles her from the side. She bites claws and stratches at him. "Training time!" he yells at you.
  19. "What do I do?" you call back. He struggles to keep Linna contained as she thrashes against his hold. "Concentrate all your energy on one thing! Do what you did the other night and it'll make her disappear!" "What do I concentrate on?" you ask. "I don't know!" he cries. "It's different for everyone! Try a person you know!" You take a deep breath and aim your palm at Linna and Edward. You concentrate on:
  20. Light swirls around your whole body. With a scream, you send it toward Linna. The light envelopes her and Edward. "No!" you cry. "Edward!" He was disappearing with Linna!
  21. "Edward!" you call. He tries to give you a reassuring smile, but you can see the worry in his eyes. He calls out a name: "Patrick!" Linna cackles and they both vanish completely.
  22. "_____?" you hear a voice behind you say. You turn and see Patrick standing there, looking at you in concern. "Are you ok? Waht happened?" You try to answer, but vurst out in tears, for whatever reason. Patrick rushes over to hold you in his arms. He smells like wildflowers.....
  23. You close your eyes and lean into him, seaching for comfort. He holds you tightly. When you open your eyes again, you are standing in a beautiful rose garden full of the most beautiful and strange plants. The sun ins shining warm on your face and you feel a tingling warmth inside you.
  24. Patrick reluctantly lets you go. "Are you going to be ok?" he asks. You nod yes. He stares at you a moment longer before taking your hand and pulling you along the path. "C'mon." he says. "I need to show you something."
  25. Hope you enjoyed it! Watch out for part 10! rate and comment!

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