Royalty, Seasons, and Love 4

Hi......sorry it took so long to make this one.....I've been kinda busy.....anyway, I'm back with the newest addition to the series! You find out a lot of stuff in this one, so read carefully.

Ian told you and Patrick that you are the one they've been waiting for. What doesn that mean? And how does he know? And where the hell is my little brother? Oh wait, never mind!

Created by: LinxLady

  1. You stare at Ian, waiting for an answer. Patrick's eyes are about to pop out of his head. Ian lets go of your hand and exchanges a look with Patrick.
  2. "______, there is something you should know about us." Ian admits. Patrick sighs and buries his face in his hands.
  3. "We all control a certain area of nature." Ian tells you. "I, for example, control the element of earth."
  4. "I control air." Patrick adds as he lifts his head up and smiles wearily at you. "Reis controls summer, and Edward controls water."
  5. "So, what does this mean for me?" you ask. Ian shifts in his chair. "Years ago, our mother met a witch who prophesized that someone would come and tear us apart. Only one could make us whole again. She would be the light in our darkness.....quite literally, by the looks of it."
  6. "Along with being able to control earth, i can also read what powers other people have by touching them." ian says. He looks at you to make sure you are following along. you stare at him. "I have seen what powers you have, and now the prophecy is starting to make sense. "What do you mean?" you ask. "______," Ian declares, "you have the power of light. you have come to save us."
  7. "I'm what?!" you exclaim. Patrick hops up and stands beside you. "calm down!" he tells you. "Everything ins going to be ok!" "Don't tell her that!" Ian says. "This is dangerous!"
  8. "Dangerous?" you say. "This is waht pains me." Ian confesses. "by choosing to save our family, you are also choosing to put your life at risk. A sad, dangerous past haunts us and threatens to kill us everyday. By standing between this danger and us, you choose to put your life on the line for people you hardly know."
  9. What to do? Ian was right. You hardly know them. And yet, you feel as if you've known them forever. What if you say no? What will happen to you? Will you return to the evil queen you once served? Will you ever see these boys again? Will you ever know love?
  10. "I choose to save you." you say. Patrick beams at you. Ian looks relieved. "Thank god!" he exclaims. Just then, someone enters the room. You turn to see who it is. The most beautiful girl you've ever seen stands there in a magnificent gown. "Hello ian and Patrick." she says with a faint smile. "did you ever think you'd see me again?"
  11. That's it for part 4! Watch out for part five! Comment and rate!

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