Scary Love part 3

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I came out with another one!!!! xD if you dont know what's going on, too bad. go back and read the last two quizzes. Thanks so much for taking time to read my stuff.

I know that it's kinda long and such, but I promise it is soooooooooooooooooooooo worth it :) Anyways, now i am going to say random words to make the 150 mark. HAHAHAHAH I did make it my saying the above sentence!!!

Created by: xX3mo_Ang3lXx

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  1. “He just did it to you didn’t he?” Katie asked as soon as I quickly sat down and put my head in my hands. I tried ignoring her, but she kept talking. “He made you want to do something. That’s Adrian’s power. His eyes change when he wants someone to do something. But they turn back to their normal gray when he’s done manipulating you.”
  2. “I would never manipulate her,” Adrian said softly, behind me. I raised my head and looked at him quizzically. He smirked and sat back down in his little corner.
  3. Tanya finished her omelet. Then her plate and fork floated over to the sink and the water kicked on and ran over the plate. Then the water turned itself off. I was right about the telekinesis thing after all apparently. She walked out of the room without saying a word after that. “Well, her cat is out of the bag,” Tommy said, chuckling. Katie explained further in her annoying voice. “She obviously can move things with her mind. I on the other hand,” she said, and a plant that was in the window ceil was suddenly frozen, like a huge snowstorm had blown in and frozen only that one plant. “Katie, what’d you have to do that for?” Billy asked, taking a lighter and trying to de-thaw the plant. “Billy can talk to people in their minds, but he can only listen to their responses as they think them,” Katie said, still sitting on Tommy’s lap at the table.
  4. “Pretty cool huh?” I heard in my head. Literally, it was like a tiny person with Billy’s voice was inside my head talking to me. It’s alright I guess, I thought back to him. I think Billy was a little disappointed with my response, but he got over it when his waffles popped from the toaster. Katie went on telling me that Ethan, who had disappeared out the back door when Adrian and Jareth started arguing, can stop time with a movement of his hands. Tommy of course was extremely strong. Apparently he puts the guys that lift weights for a living that look like gorillas with steroids to shame.
  5. I was beginning to get bored when it struck me that I didn’t know what/if my power was. “What do I have then?” Adrian put his iPod away in his pocket and got up from his corner and sat by me. “We’ve done our research and it all points to that you have the Nature powers. You can control everything in nature. Wind, water, fire, plants, anything.” I gulped. “Thank you for shoving that huge piece of information down my throat,” I muttered, putting my head on my arms that were sitting on the table.
  6. “Anytime. And at least it wasn’t my tongue down you’re throat, unlike what Jareth wanted to do the first time he saw you,” Adrian said, taking my Monster from my hand and leaving the room quickly.
  7. I narrowed my eyes at the doorway in which he left. “I’m going to end up killing myself before the Whistling Blondie can even think about getting to me.”
  8. Tommy laughed and spoke to me for the first time. “Jareth is right about one thing though Sage, Cameron will not have the opportunity to get within reach of you.” “So that’s the creeper’s name.,” I said quietly to myself. I started to think about what I was getting myself into. I was barely there for maybe two hours and people are already fighting over me. Jareth is already mad at me, Adrian already wants to make out with me, and on top of all of this, I find out that I am some kind of magical freak. Adrian for some reason, I was totally attracted to. But Jareth was sweet and he apparently slept by me while I was in a mini-coma. So that has to count for something right?
  9. While I was thinking all of this, out of nowhere, like smoke, Adrian appeared out of thin air. “You rang?” he said with a smirk on his face. ‘What in the hell?” I said, backing up and hitting the wall. I didn’t know what to think. What to say. What to THINK! “Oh did she forget to mention? When people even have my name in their head, I appear out of nowhere and am infront of them.” “That would’ve been nice to know BEFORE I had my heart attack that you gave me,” I said, giving up and just leaning on Adrian. My face was against his chest, while I was recovering from the shock of a person appearing from nowhere. I felt him tense up as soon as my head was against his chest, but then he relaxed, and hugged me against him.
  10. It was a good thing he did, because I started crying. I heard Katie, Tommy and Billy all leave the room as Adrian tried to comfort me. “It’ll be alright Sage. Shhh,” he said. But it turns out it wasn’t all right; because not ten seconds later a large group of guys in black stormed through the back door and started attacking everyone in sight.
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!'ll have to come back and see what happens!!!!!! **No rabid panda throwing please!!**

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