Royalty, Seasons, and Love

What's your favorite season? Well now, your favorite seasons are cute guys! Not only that, but they're Princes! They rule a Kingdom! And They all like you!

So, who are you going to pick? Only one can win your heart and give you...well, i can't really tell you, cuz it'll ruin the story! But, don't worry! If people like it, you'll find out soon enough!

Created by: Linx

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  1. You are a servant in a castle to the Queen. She is really mean and beats you if you don't directly follow her orders. One night, you are serving her dinner. She is waiting impatiently and yelling at you, calling you stupid, worthless, ungrateful.
  2. You are nervous because you don't want to displease the Queen. You balence the tray on your shaking hand. When you reach her table, you trip and spill your food all over her favorite dress.
  3. The Queen is furious. "YOU IDIOT!!" she screams. She grabs you by the hair and slams your head repeatedly against the table until your are bleeding. She throws you to the ground and kicks you sot that you throw up whatever was in your stomach. The queen storms out of the room. Blood is dripping into your eyes so you can't see. you groan in immense pain. Suddenly, you feel a cool hand on your forehead.
  4. "There, there, sweetheart," a woman's voice coos. You feel the gash on your forehead close and all of your pain disapears. A face comes into focus. It is a beautiful woman wearing a crown made of branches and flowers. Her eyes are like liquid pools of gold. Her auburn hair is like a curtain around you. Her red lips are set in concern.
  5. The woman smiles. "Hush, my dear." she commands gently. She picks you up in her arms and whistles. A sleigh pulled by two pegasus appears.
  6. She places you carefully on the sleigh, then takes the reins. She flies right through the castle wall os if it weren't there. You fly over the kingdom on the sleigh. "I'm taking you to my palace." The woman says. "you can meet my four sons and be my lady-in-waiting."
  7. "I am the Queen of Nature." the woman says with a smile. "My sons are the Four Seasons." Be fore you can respond, you see a huge, gleaming palace of silver, gold, and bronze, encrsted with precious jewels. "This is my home." the Queen announces grandly. "My sons are inside."
  8. The Queen gives her sleigh to a servant to put away. She leads you into an enormous throne room. There are five thrones sitting on a platform. The one in the middle-made of tree branches, flowers, and other plants-is empty. The Queen sits in that one and gestures to the four smaller thrones, two on either side. "My sons." she declares. Four gorgeous boys appear on the thrones. Which one do you like?
  9. The one on the throne of ice rises and takes your hand. His hands are cold and send shiversw down your spine as her brushes his lips against your hand. "Edward." he whispers. "Prince of Winter." Next the boy on the throne of fire gets up and bows to you. "Ries." he says. "Prince of Summer." He winks at you and grins. The boy on the throne of autumn leaves gets up and smiles at you, his intelligent, warm brown eyes trained on you. He nods shyly. "Ian, Prince of Fall." The boy on the throne of green leaves gets up and bows deeply. "I'm Patrick, the Prince of Spring."
  10. You curtsey. "It's so nice to meet you." you say. Everyone smiles at you. The Queen says, "You must be tired my dear. Boys, someone kindly show her to her room." The Queen vanishes. Four pairs of eyes turn to you. Who do you want to take you?
  11. That's it for now. Please comment! Did you like the quiz?

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