Royalty, Seasons, and Love (part 2)

Hey the four Seasons are back! This time there's minor drama (yays!) and, by the way, _____ means your name. Just so you know. But there's something going on between Edward and Reis. Family fued!

So, the guys; Edward: the mysterious, kinda emo one. He's lonely. Tall, with sad grey eyes and black hair that hangs into his eyes. Reis: Boy with an attitude. He's confident and hot. He has flaming red hair, gold eyes, and loves beautiful things. Patrick: the cute, happy guy. He's so nice and considerate. He's tall with golden hair and gleaming emerald green eyes. Ian: he's shy, but cute. He's the smart one in the group. He has warm, intelligent eyes that seem to know eveything, tousled, curly brown hair, and a cute, crooked smile.

Created by: LinxLady
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  1. The boys look at you thoughtfully. Whose gaze effects you the most?
  2. "Um, so will someone show me to my room?" you squeak. The boys look at each other. Finally, Reis hops up. "I'll take her!" he announces. He hops down from his throne and takes your hand. He grins mischeviously and says, "Follow me sweetheart!"
  3. Edward stands up. He glares at Reis as he crosses his arms over his chest. "What if I wanted to take her Reis?" he asks in an icy cold voice. "Did you ever consider that?" Ries rolls his eyes. "Save it, Deep Freeze!" he scoffs. "It's obvious to see that ________ likes me the most!"
  4. "Maybe she'd be more comfortable having a servant take her." Ian suggests quietly. "I mean, think about it! She doesn't really know us!" Patrick catches your eye and smiles at you. "Let ______ decide!" he declares.
  5. It's your call. Who do you pick?
  6. (Assuming you didn't pick the last one) Whoever you chose smiles at you and takes your hand. He leads you down a long corridor full of portraits. Which protrait do you notice?
  7. The boy leads you to an emerald door. He turns the gold handle and opens it. You gasp. Its the most beautiful room you've ever seen!
  8. "I hope you like it." your boy says quietly. "I know I do." You look at your boy curiously. True, the room was gorgeous, but it was obviously a girl's room. Why would he like it? You see that he is looking at the room sadly. When he sees you satring at him, he smiles and acts like nothing happened. "I'll leave you to your own." he says. "There are plenty of gowns in the closet if you want to change." he leaves, shutting the door behind him.
  9. You go to the closet and change into a diferent gown...
  10. A servant comes in and tells you it is time for dinner. You walk quickly to the dining hall, eagar to see the boys again. when you get there, you see Edward and Reis fighting. You hide behind a pillar and listen. "It's not fair Reis!" Edward shouts. "You remember my misery from last time?" "It's not my fault!" Reis claims. "How could I help myself? She was so..." "I don't care!" Edward screams, cutting Reis off. "She was mine, and you took her! And you'd do it again if you had the chance!" Suddenly you feel a tap on your shoulder. You turn around and its...
  11. That's it guys! Enjoy! Part three will be out soon!

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