Royalty, Seasons, and Love

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Created by: LinxLady

  1. Recap: a gorgeous girl shows up at the palace while you qre talking to Patrick and Ian. Got it?
  2. "What are you doing here?" Patrick asks, looking confused. Ian is silent. The girl smiles sadly at the boys. "You know how I feel." she says. "How could I stay away?"
  3. Patrick shifts uncomfortably in his chair and he won't meet the girl's saphire eyes. "Uh....." Suddenly, Reis and Edward are heard fighting from down the hall. "It's not my fault you are so miserable!" -Reis. "It's not my fault your head is stuck up your a--!" -Edward
  4. They enter the room and see the girl. "You!" they exclaim in unison. They stare at her and she stares back. Patrick buried his face in his hands and Ian stares at the floor. "Hello again, boys." the girl whispers.
  5. Reis explodes first. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" The girl winces. "I'm sorry!" she begs. "I had to come back! I was -" Patrick goes up to Reis and puts both hands on his shoulders. "Easy, brother." he warns. "Linna isn't doing any harm." Edward steps forward, circling and studying Linna who looks uncomfortable. "What about the harm she has already caused?" he accuses. "What about what she has already done to all of us? Even _______, and they don't even know each other!"
  6. "Uh...." you say stupidly. Edward continues, "you shouldn't have come here! don't you know what will happen? You will only make things worse!" "Damn straight, she will!" reis yells. "Get out!" The girl winces. "Please!" she begs. "I never meant to hurt you! I never menat to hurt anyone! I can't control what I feel!" She gazes at Edward apologetically. "And, I can't help who I love either."
  7. "Wait!" you scream. everyone looks at you. "What's going on?" you ask. You point at the girl. "Who are you? Why does everyone know you?" You see something dark rise in the girl's clear eyes, clouding them with hatred. Beams of darkness seem to penetrate your very being and turn your heart to stone. You shiver as the feeling retreats and her eyes turn back to normal.
  8. Reis breaks free of Patrick. he glares at Linna and walks forward menacingly until he is right beside you. "If you hurt anyone," he whisperes, "especially ______, I will kill you." He turns and brushes past you as he storms out of the room. Edward looks form Linna, then to you. His eyes are sad and pleading, but why? He shakes his head. "I'm sorry," he whisperes and follows Reis out.
  9. Ian sighs and gets up. He still won't look at anyone. "Patrick, lead Linna to her old room. She is obviously staying a while. She also has a lot of explaining to do." Patrick reluctantly goes to Linna and leads her out. "Linna ahs been here before?" you ask. Ian nods. "It's a long story. She came into our lives a long time ago, and.....well, lets say that none of us have ever been the same. Especially not Edward and Reis."
  10. Whatever you answered, ian shakes his head helplessly. "I don't know." he admits in frustration. "And, I hate not knowing things." He smiles weakily at you, finally meeting your eyes. You smile back. "You should get some rest." he says. "You have a big day tomorrow." "What do you mean?" you ask, but he just smiles and walks out, humming a tune to himself. It sounds sweet and romantic. You go bakc to your room, and when you open the door, there stands.....
  11. That's it! Comment and rate! Love my fans (if i have any)!

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