Royalty Seasons and Love 8

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! This one is going to be short, cus I have to eat/stuff myself, and I'm sure everyone else does too, so I'll put more in the next one.

See above, I have nothing else to say right now.....sorry......

Created by: LinxLady

  1. You follow Mother Nature's orders to get dressed and choose to wear:
  2. You go to the throne room where all the boys are sitting on their thrones next to their mother. Their eyes almost pop out of their heads when they see you. Who catches your attention the most?
  3. "As I have told you, I have a surprise." Mother Nature reminds you. She gestures to the princes who all sit on wither side of her. "My sons each have their own realm in my world of Four Seasons. Since they have all asked,and you need to be trained anayway, you are to go to each of their kingdoms in turn."
  4. "I have already chosen who she is to go with." Mother Nature says. The boys all protest. "That's not fair!" Reis says. "Yeah, you should let ______ choose!" Ian agrees.
  5. Mother Nature ignores the boys. "Winter, spring, summer, fall." she says. "That's the order of the seasons, so that is the order we shall abide by."
  6. "You will be going to the Kingdom of Winter with my Eldest Son Edward." Mother Nature tells you. Edward smiles victoriously. The other boys slump in their seats.
  7. Edward leaps up from his throne and takes you in his arms. "HOld on tight." he whispers in your ear.
  8. You are suddenly surrounded my water, forming a whirlpool around you......
  9. The water falls away and you shiver. You are so cold. You look around and you are in a beautiful palace made entirley of ice!
  10. That's all for now, I have to eat. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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