Royalty Seasons and Love 7

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Gobble! I'm a turkey! Ok, weirdness aside, seriously I hope you enjoy your meals and being with your family! AND THEN NEXT IS CHRISTMAS!

So, yeah, so you just got attcked by a b**** who knows all the guys really well, but they treat her like a DYING RABID ANIMAL! And, then she attacks you. You make her disappear in a burst of light, but not before she knocks out Reis, Patrick and Ian and Edward tries to drown her.

Created by: LinxLady

  1. You hear the boys (Ian, Reis, and Patrick) groan. They slowly get up, but they act like they all have hangovers. "Ow" moans Reis. "Must have been a helluva party."
  2. You and Edward help the boys to their feet and explain what happened. "Damn powers of darkness!" Reis curses. "I hate that girl!"
  3. The boys make sure you are ok before leaving. Except, Ian stays behind. He looks at you quizzically. "Are you sure you are ok, _______?"
  4. He smiles at your response and you can't help but smile back. His smile quickly fades and he blushes. He sighs and shuffles his feet nervously. "UH......I really like you, ______" he says. "I know I've only known you for a short time, but it's true. You are....." he trails off and looks at you sheepishly.
  5. Before you can say anything, he kisses you on the cheek and disappears in a shower of leaves. You stand frozen to the spot. What are you feeling?
  6. You get ready for bed and wear:
  7. You dream of:
  8. Then, you dream changes. Everything goes black and cold. You can't see anything. You open your hand, and a dim light comes from your fingertips. There is nothing around you. You are nowhere at all. Then, you hear a voice, whispering your name.....
  9. Linna's face slowly comes into view. Her hair whips around her face as if it is being blown by the wind. Blood drips from her mouth and claws. She hisses you name and reaches for you. You try to call for help. But she already has her demon-like claws around your throat. "There is no saving you!" she cackles. "They are all dead!"
  10. Linna laughs. "I have done nothing child! It was YOU!" She cackles again evilly as you gasp for air. You hear someone calling your name desperately.
  11. You wake up and see the queen, Mother Nature, staring down at you worriedly. "Are you all right, ______?" she asks. You can't speak. She helps you out of bed and tells you to get dressed. "I have a surprise for you."
  12. that's all for now, folks! Comment and rate! Love you all! Happy Thanksgiving!

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