Music Quiz 9000

Woo hoo hoo, do you think your music taste is good? Well it's not and it sucks and you should feel bad. I will help you to feel bad with this handy dandy and very annoying to construct test.

oh jesus christ they make you type in this field even though you're bored with making the quiz and it's getting boring and lame and why god why do they make arbitrary rules for their crappy site?

Created by: Willy Wonka
  1. What is the best band in the world?
  2. Your dad overhears you playing an album. What is his most likely reaction?
  3. I AM
  4. How full is your iPod or whatever you have?
  5. Vinyl?
  6. How do you like your downloads?
  7. Aliens land, and threaten to blow us up unless we can prove we're worthy of their mercy. What next?
  8. Britney Spears?
  9. Have you ever rocked so hard your goldfish died?
  10. Last question, how does one take their music?
  11. SURPRISE, it's question 13 - the scariest question in the world - DO YOU FEEL LUCKY, PUNK?

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