What kind of hipster music do you like?

The word hipster is often considered a rather negative stereotype, but is it always so? No-one can deny that hipsters have refined tastes in music and art, and they have an uncanny talent for finding excellent music before anyone even knows about it.

Do you have unique tastes in music? Have people called you a hipster because of your tastes? Take this twelve question quiz to find out what kind of hipster musical taste you have! Note: this quiz isn't something you should take seriously, it's meant to be something fun to find out a little about your tastes. Please enjoy it and have fun :) ♪

Created by: Lauren
  1. Which lyrics appeal more to you?
  2. The instrument that you think sounds best in a song is...
  3. Be honest.. what are your views on music widely considered 'mainstream'?
  4. If your musical tastes were to be the soundtrack to a movie, what kind of movie do you think it would be?
  5. Out of these artists, your personal favorites are.. (If you're not familiar with these guys, sorry! You'll have to Google them and just see which one fits best)
  6. iTunes is...
  7. You hook up your iPod to the sound system at a wild party. Suddenly, everyone...
  8. Some sneaky person starts going through your iPod/CD's/record collection/tapes. What are they thinking?
  9. Compare your tastes to a mainstream artist.
  10. Final question!! Out of these statements, pick the one most suited to you...

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Quiz topic: What kind of hipster music do I like?