Are you a Hipster

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Want to know where you stand in everybody's favourite contemporary subculture? Simply take the quiz below to find out! If you answer positively to the following questions, add up your points and you'll soon find out how hipster you really are.

If you are wondering whether or not you are a hipster, feel free to take my test and find out for yourself! Please enjoy the test and post your feedback!

Created by: brad
  1. Are you eco-friendly?
  2. Do you like a band that is unheard of?
  3. Do you buy clothes from Pacsun?
  4. Which do you prefer to use as transportation?
  5. Do you count your calories?
  6. Do you prefer tea over coffee?
  7. Do you prefer to be lonely?
  8. How often do you use instagram?
  9. Do you read labels?
  10. If you've ever been called a hipster, do you deny it?
  11. Do you wear glasses with thick black rims?
  12. Mac or PC?
  13. If you wear glasses, do you need them?
  14. Do you smoke cigarettes?

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