HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRE COOL!!! I made this on tre cool's birthday. fun fact: not counting myself, tre cool is my second favorite person in the world! wow!

who's on first then? well, it's really close 1 2 3 are the members of green day. this quiz is just to say happy birthday so answer however you want it doesn't really matter. go!

Created by: coolme3

  1. so if I made this on tre cool's birthday, what day is it?
  2. who is Tre Cool? you better know this. why did you take this quiz if you don't?
  3. which of these songs is sung by tre?
  4. how old does tre turn today? it's 2010 when I make this
  5. tre cool is awesome.
  6. I had a dream one time that Tre taught me how to play the drums. that was an awesome dream. I'm not a musical person but drums are my favorite cuz I've tried to play other stuff but I can't. I don't have drums though.
  7. green day is awesome!!!!
  8. I think tre is better than their old drummer no offense if you like the other guy. I think tre is better at drumming skills and he's funny and awesome!!! but I'm just saying. I liked the other guy too. I'm not trying to be a meany! gosh, calm down!
  9. I have the same shoes as tre. I didn't know until after I got them. they're the red converse hightops and I even have black laces on them like he does. I didn't know this till afterwards I didn't do it on purpose
  10. how many more questions do I need oh my gosh. I just made this to say happy birthday to tre. no one in my family or my friends at school know who he is but this websites got some cool people.

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