hey!!! well this quiz should have been made yesterday and I was gonna make it yesterday but I didn't feel good :P sooo yaaaa..... sorry it's a day late

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG!!!!! :D he is amazing!! happyhappy birthday my favorite person in the world besides myself!!!!!! smiley face! yayy

Created by: coolme3
  1. his birthday was yesterday and I was gonna make this but I didn't feel good...
  2. so do you know who Billie Joe Armstrong is?
  3. ok who is he?
  4. when's his birthday?
  5. how old did he turn? it's 2011 incase you take this quiz years later or you don't know what year it is
  6. which of these songs by green day does Billie Joe NOTt sing?
  7. what is Billie joe's wife named?
  8. what are Billie joe's kids named?
  9. where are Billie Joe armstrong's 2 homes?
  10. what was the name of the town that Billie Joe grew up in?
  11. where is Billie joe's wife from?
  12. which of these bands is Billie Joe NOT in?
  13. bye bye!!!

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