How well do you Billie Joe Armstrong

There are a lot fans out there who may think they know everthing there is to know about their favorite rockstar but do they really? Do you?

Are you a fan of Greendays leading guy? Do YOU think you know everyhthing there is to know about Billie Joe Armstrong? I bet you dont. With this quiz, you can find out how much you know, and how much you thought you knew.

Created by: Emmerson Rose
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  1. When was Billie Joe born?
  2. How old was Billie Joe when he did his first single "Look for Love"?
  3. Billie Joe Armstrong is married with two sons. What are their names?
  4. What was the name of Billie Joes band before it became Greenday?
  5. Who does Billie Joe co-work with on the clothing line "Adeline" ?
  6. Where does Biilie Joe currently live?
  7. What is one of Billie Joes side projects?
  8. What is Billie Joes most famous gutiars name?
  9. What is the name of Billie Joes wife?
  10. Who did Billie Joe write "Wake me up when September ends" for?
  11. Does Billie Joe have any siblings?
  12. Do you want this quiz to be over?

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