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Billie Eilish is one of my favorite singers with an amazing voice at such a young age and will only get better. Are you a fan of hers? Lets find out, shall we.

These are a few simple questions you should know, perhaps, if you are. If you don't nkw her, this is a way to learn about her a bit! Good luck, and goodbye.

Created by: Valkyrie_Blossom
  1. What is her full name?
  2. When was she born?
  3. What is her brothers name?
  4. Which of these is not a song by her?
  5. Finish the lyric: I wanna be alone alone with you does that make sense? I wanna steal your soul an-
  6. Finish the lyrics: Maybe its in the gutters where I left my lover what an expensive fate. My V is for Vendetta
  7. On the 'Don't Smile At Me' cover, what color is she wearing?
  8. In the 'Bellyache' music video what color is she in?
  9. Where was she born and raised?
  10. What was her debut single?

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