how 1950s are YOU?

do you have what it takes to be a happy suburban nice family man or a moderen phycotic lunatic who likes twilight find out in this QUIZ-A-RINO play play PLAY

do you have the power to become the model citezen of the 50s with big names such as larry launder and louis armstrong (satchmo) PLAY AND FIND OUT play now and free

Created by: Robmoster

  1. say you stumble apon a site with naked people on them what do you do
  2. you look out the window and see a man mugging an old lady what do you do
  3. you see your neibour has one of those cars you REALLY want what do you do
  4. your wife cheated what now
  5. you see your teenage kid on the news he has murdered a young woman what do you do
  6. you are listening to louis armstrong when someone shoots your radio
  7. a man has threatended to kill your family at gun point what now
  8. you are putting in a big poirtrait in your car but its too big what now
  10. did you enjoy the quiz

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Quiz topic: How 1950s am I?