this quiz is about your neighbors

this quiz will tell you if you have the same neighbors as me. it's not that great of a quiz. ok. well you can take the quiz now. go ahead. stop reading this.

they make me write this. you don't have to read it. no one does anyways. so go ahead. take the quiz. if you want. well now you might as well just finish reading this.

Created by: coolme3

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  1. do you live on a cul-de-sac?
  2. is the house across the street from you the same color as your house?
  3. does the house next door have 3 little children?
  4. is there a guy down the street who is always doing yardwork?
  5. are there some really rude people down the street with an evil dog?
  6. do the people across the street have a marijuana plantation in their front yard?
  7. do the McDonalds live on your street?
  8. is there an old German guy on your street?
  9. is your new neighbor who just moved in a sillyhead?
  10. I think this is the last question. this was a pretty lame quiz, right? yeah. um bye

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Quiz topic: This quiz is about my neighbors