How annoying are you?

I love to torture and play tricks on my family and friend they often call me sertain names for sertain types of torture so now you find out what type of torture you do its painless, annonomous, and fun.

Do you love torturing your family or neighbors well if you do find out just what type of torturer you are. do you like torturing the neighbors or do you like the family torture.

Created by: Asia

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you have sibblings?
  2. Do you have neighbors that you like to irritate?
  3. Do you ask Why? What? or How? on a regular basis
  4. What is your favorite form of family/neighbor torture?
  5. If you play a trick on someone and video tape it would you show it to the whole world if you could?
  6. Have you ever used up the rest of the toilet paper and took all spare rolls and hid them and wrote on the empty toilet paper role "OH YOUR SCREWD NOW"
  7. Are you refered to as the class clown at school?
  8. How whould you rate yourself of being annoying?
  9. If your mom or dad were rating you what would they say
  10. When you have children or if you do have them would you teach them not to do the things you do or would you use them to get back at people (a neighbor or boss or even family member)

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Quiz topic: How annoying am I?