merry Christmas gotoquiz . com!

hey I made a quiz for christmas. it has no point go ahead and take this quiz if you want. or not that's cool too. I made it right now it's 12:58 am Christmas middle of the night

I know you're thinking wow you have no life if you're making a quiz at midnight when it's gonna be time for Christmas in a few hours and Santa won't come if you're not sleeping right?

Created by: coolme3

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  1. merry Christmas!!!!
  2. I'm making this quiz at midnight on Christmas eve night / Christmas Morning
  3. today was really fun. I got some presents, spent time with my family, and ate food.
  4. I'm listening to trans Siberian orchestra music right now
  5. I love Christmas and I always have... but this year it's.. different... it's still fun and all, but it doesn't feel as christmasey
  6. what is your favorite part about christmas?
  7. my head hurts
  8. froliche wienachten!
  9. I have some good friends who are Muslim. I don't think they even do kwanza. but they had the feast of sacrifice in November so they got money and stuff. just saying.
  10. I'm very un-biased about race and religion just so you know.
  11. in the Christmas song 'snoopy vs the red baron' what did the red Barron say to snoopy?
  12. in the movie 'a Christmas story' what body part was the lamp a statue of?
  13. in the movie 'it's a wonderful life' what was the angel's name?
  14. what song does Ahmed the dead terrorist sing in the Christmas episode of Jeff Dunham?
  15. dasher dancer prancer vixen comet Cupid donner blitzen and Rudolph!!!!!!! name some other christmas characters
  16. ok bye!!! merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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