How Christmas are you? (If you celebrate Christmas)

Christmas. One of America's most popular holidays. It's enjoyable for most even if it means shopping all day. But how much do YOU celebrate Chrismas?

Note: This quiz is just supposed to be for fun. DO NOT BE OFFENDED, I am not saying Christmas is superior to any other holiday. Thanks so much for listening to that. :)

Created by: pinkjumper
  1. Note: This quiz is for people that celebrate Christmas. Do not take it offencifly, all the other winter holidays are great too! So, just wanted you to know.
  2. You bake more things, and do nicer things around Christmas time.
  3. Your favorite movie is "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" or something like that.
  4. Do you celebrate Hannaka (spelling), Kwanza, or any other holiday (other than New Years) around this time of year along with Christmas?
  5. Your favorite song is a Christmas carol or Christmas song.
  6. You go out of your way to buy things like tinsel, fancy wrapping paper,etc.
  7. You daydream of a white Christmas
  8. You perfecly know all the lyrics to a Christmas song nobody really knows well.
  9. People often bring up the topic about how you are daydreaming about Christmas in the middle of the winter.
  10. You do Black Friday Christmas shopping.
  11. You often doodle Christmas pictures.
  12. Christmas is your favorite holiday.
  13. Hot chocolate or coffee?
  14. Snow days. Did/Do you like or hate them?
  15. Your sprinkles consist mainly of red and green this time of year.
  16. Your tree is _______ with decorations.

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Quiz topic: How Christmas am I? (If you celebrate Christmas)