13 Minutes in Hell(Part 3)

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This is 13 Mintues In Hell PART 3,if you haven't yet I'd suggest taking 1 and 2 first,just for the hell of it,its the same thing as the ones before,theres no love or romance,only blood and murder and classic Horror films.

So,will you make it out alive? Why do you keep going to suspicious partys at midnight,who will you face in the closet? I dunno,you have to walk through this quiz and find out.

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  1. Its Friday night,everythings great.You and your pals decide to go to a party thats hosted by someone you all never heard of and the partys located at a dark side of town-you think-
  2. Turns out its a costume party,you're costume of choice would be-
  3. You all go to the mysterious party place,its pretty quiet and dark-you decide to play some music-
  4. What do you know,even with the music playing its still pretty dead-you think.
  5. At the darkest corner of the party,you see a group od creepy people surrounded by a dusty table and a steel closet door-they spot you and ask you to join them,you answer-
  6. Doesn't mattter whay you answered,your still forced to play,they explain they're playing'13 Minutes In Hell' but not to get frightened by the name...its only for laughs,you think-
  7. After a few awkward laughs,they get the game started.You're asked to choose two items at random from an old Halloween candy bag the first item you get is-
  8. Second item-
  9. After you picked the two items,you now have to draw a word from an old rust bucket,the word is-
  10. Ready?

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