13 Minutes in Hell

You've heard of 7 minutes in Heaven,well now ya got 13 minutes in hell,this is no lovey dovey romance crap,this is bloody murder and horror and classic Horror films,put into a sucky quiz made by yours truely,me.

I am sorry if there any mistakes in this quiz,I'mm tired right now so yah,anyways this quiz is to se who will you get sent into the closet with,and if you'll get out alive..so enjoy.

Created by: 6 6 sick

  1. Its a dark,cold night.You and you buddys plan to go to this wicked party,you think-
  2. So,you all arrive at the party,the place were the party is hosted looks more like a haunted house,plus it looks like noones even there,you think-
  3. You and your friends shrug it off,thinking its probably just a spooky theme since Halloween was near,you go in,the people at the party look pretty much grim and dead,or just plain crazy,you think-
  4. You decide to chill out and you see everyone gathering around at this dusty old glass table,with what looks like cherry soda stains on it-
  5. So,you decide to go join the rest at the table,turns out they're playing what seems like 7 minutes in heaven,only they all call it "13 Minutes In Hell",they ask if you wanna join,you answer-
  6. Turns out they wouldn't take no for an answer,so you play,your asked to pick two things at random from an old tin bucket,you pick up an
  7. Your second item is-
  8. They now ask you to draw a name,the name you draw is-
  9. Now a number-
  10. Favorite Movie?
  11. You ready?

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